Sunday, November 6, 2011

R.I.P these 27 men above plus 2 more.

29 lifes that did not deserve to get taken from my wee home town greymouth.. nearly been a year and we are all still suffering, im asking every one of you that read this personally, too light a candle on the 19th of this month for these 29 much loved miners that passed away. and as for you Joseph Dunbar, (first row, seventh across) i will praying for you and hoping you are safe up there, 17 years old and your first day under, such a waste of a beautiful beautiful friend of many including myself. R.I.P boys, gone.. but NEVER forgotten. ♥

Thursday, November 3, 2011

love? you say it. but do you really mean it. do you even know what love is. no. you dont. you chuck it around like a bouncy ball that will eventually get lost in the dirt, then you forget about it and you dont give a fuck and you go buy a new one. i get it. everyone deserves a chance at love. real love. but until you're ready to give this person your life, promise to love them til death do you part. i will lol at you, cause you'll be "totally inlove" with 5 other guys in under a year. lol.