Monday, February 28, 2011

yuuuus, dentist is over :) when i got home, i looked in my handbag and found a random prezzy card filled with $20.00. i was freeeaking out! i thought i was magic or something. but then i called my mama and she said she put it in there.. haha weirdo. i'm so relieved i don't have a stalker on my hands.
dentist today D;
i'm pretty keen for it to be over so i can start putting sugar in my cereal again hahahah.. i've been getting addicted to sugar-free gum. i have to catch an hour long bus today.. gr. buttt in the meantime, im going shopping for a new dress :DD

Sunday, February 27, 2011

so i havent been on here in ages, but i've decided to start using it again (: so i deleted all my old posts and im starting freshh.

i had an interview with my tutor from workforce development, and i got into my course. yay (: i'm doing a youth work course, and ill have class every thursday and friday, and ill be doing work experience on mondays tuesdays and wednesdays. i'm so excitedd. i've been shopping for new stationary, i used to love it when i was in high school. aha, obsessed. but on the downside, i have to go to the dentist tomorrow D;

well i'm going to go sunbathe and read my book. ciao.